NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service in Altrincham

The NHS Community Pharmacist Consultation Service (CPCS) was launched in 2019 by NHS England. This service works to provide patients with access to same-day appointments with their community pharmacists. These appointments are for minor illnesses or an urgent supply of regular medicine, improving access to services and providing more convenient treatment closer to your home ... Community Pharmacist Consultation Service

new medicine service Altrincham

The New Medicine Service (NMS) is a free NHS service that provides support for people with long-term conditions newly prescribed a medicine to help improve medicines adherence; it is initially focused on particular patient groups and conditions. We provide this New Medicine Service in Altrincham and online through video and telephone consultations. The aim of ... New Medicine Service

Care Home Services Altrincham

One of our passions here at High Speed Pharmacy, is providing medication for Care Home settings. We do this using a specialised system. For years we have focused on the supply of medication to local Care Homes and we have gathered valuable experience. We have a passionate team who are fully committed to assisting you ... Care Home Services

flu vaccine altrincham

Stay safe this season with our seasonal flu vaccine in Altrincham! Getting the seasonal flu vaccine is a good idea. Maybe you are worried about catching the flu or you are concerned about having time off work. Or maybe you just want to make sure you do not pass it on to the more vulnerable ... Flu Vaccine

expert health advice Altrincham

You may not be able to visit our pharmacy for face to face consultations but you can still get the expert health advice in Altrincham that you need. Contact us today to speak to an experienced and friendly pharmacist. We are always here to help.   Contact Us

free prescription delivery Altrincham

Our team at High Speed Pharmacy provide Free Prescription Delivery in Altrincham and the rest of the UK. If you’re somebody who regularly relies on prescription medication, living with a long-term illness or disability, or you care for someone who does, this incredible NHS service can help you. Although NHS prescriptions are usually affordable (and ... Free Prescription Delivery

Discharge Medicine Service Altrincham

Are you or someone that you act as a carer for is discharged from the hospital with new or changed medication? We can help to make sure that they get the most from their medication. We also check to make sure that you understand how to manage it properly. This service is called the Discharge ... Discharge Medicine Service

waste medicine disposal Altrincham

If you have out of date or unwanted medicines, both prescription or over the counter drugs, don’t bin them or flush them. High Speed Pharmacy provides safe Waste Medicine Disposal in Altrincham.   What’s the importance of waste medicine disposal in Altrincham?   Each year, enormous quantities of unused and expired medications are dumped into ... Waste Medicine Disposal

Sign-Posting Altrincham

We want you to feel supported at all times ensuring your peace of mind while seeking advice from our pharmacy. Our team are experts in the field and we know when you may need to seek support from another healthcare professional. This is where our signposting service comes in. After a quick telephone consultation, we ... Sign-Posting

self care support Altrincham

What is self-care?   The World Health Organisation defines self-care as “the ability of individuals, families and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health. It’s also the ability to cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider”. Here at High Speed Pharmacy, it is our top priority to ... Self-Care Support

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