Discharge Medicine Service Altrincham

Discharge Medicine Service

Are you or someone that you act as a carer for is discharged from the hospital with new or changed medication? We can help to make sure that they get the most from their medication. We also check to make sure that you understand how to manage it properly. This service is called the Discharge Medicine Service in Altrincham. With this service, we ensure you have the support and advice that you require.

How does this service work?

To start the service we require a referral from another NHS organisation such as your doctor or your hospital.
Once our pharmacy has received a digital referral from the hospital or relevant organisation, we will review it against your old medication and medical history. Following this, our pharmacist will carry out a consultation with you or your carer. This is to ensure you understand your medication regime and discuss any concerns.

The discharge medicine service in Altrincham requirements

The main reason for the new NHS regulations set up on 20th October 2020 was to involve changes to the Terms of service for pharmacy contractors. It also included changes to the contractual requirements for this type of service. NHSE&I published more information and guideline relating to this service, offering regulations and also the DMS toolkit for pharmacy staff in the community, primary and secondary care.

Following a discharge from the hospital, a patient is referred digitally to the pharmacy. IT systems such as Refer to Pharmacy, PharmOutcomes, or NHSmail are used for this purpose. The given information in these systems allows pharmacists to give comparisons to the patient’s medicines at the time of discharge with those they were using prior to their hospital admission. The caregiver then does the checking that they make when the first new prescription is offered. This is done to the patient at the time of primary care and consultation. It allows an understanding of the medical history of the patient.

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